What Percent Of College Students Drink?

What Percent Of College Students Drink

Studies have shown that even those students who did not drink, began to do so when entering college. In some respect, drinking has become a ritual associated with college in general. So what percent of college students drink? The percentage is surprisingly high.

The NIAAA Study

A 2012 study by the NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism) has found that 80% of college students drink. The part that is more concerning to medical professionals is that nearly half of that number binge drink.

More concerningly, college drinking is on the rise, as believed by the NIAAA since the study was performed. In fact, college students are believed to drink more than those not in college.

Side Effects of Alcohol Abuse In College

College drinking develops due to peer pressure and as an attempt by students to lower their social anxiety. The drinking doesn’t just affect the students in question, but their families as well. Some of the terrible side effects of collegiate drinking can include:

● Academic Challenges
● Injury
● Assault
● Death

The NIAAA has estimated that about 18,000 young adults die every year from abusive drinking during their college years, 599,000 are either assaulted or injured as a result of the drinking as well. Sexual abuse cases are increased by drinking as well. An estimated 97,000 cases of alcohol-related sexual abuse or assault crimes being committed annually.

Estimates by the NIAAA also found that about 400,000 students (ages 18-24) engage in unprotected sex In many of those cases students are too inebriated to firmly remember if they had given consent.

Need For Treatment

The NIAAA found in 2012 that nearly 20% of college students qualified as abusing alcohol, while only 5% sought treatment. In most cases, students denied having a problem with alcohol and attributed the drinking to just a typical college lifestyle.

The Nook Sober Living Helps College Students Who Struggle With Alcoholism

The Nook Sober Living takes a unique approach to handle alcohol addiction treatment by allowing college students receiving individualized help to earn college credits in:

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● Sociology
● Psychology
● Public Speaking

In this way, students do not need to wait to seek recovery until their semester starts We utilize a team approach to treatments by leveraging the skills and experience of professors, therapists, and case managers.

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