The Number One Drug Used by Teenagers

The Number One Drug used by Teenagers

What is The Number One Drug Used by Teenagers?  An integral part of researching drug abuse in teens is to ask the question of what the number one drug used by teens is. The answer is not straightforward, however. Not only does it depend on where the teens in question live, but also changes yearly. There are, however, a few substances that have commonly remained popular among teens all over the U.S. and these are sought out, as well as abused by teens regularly.

The Number One Drug Teenagers Use

According to NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), the number one substance abused by American teenagers is alcohol. The findings state that 58% of high school seniors consume alcohol, and this level of usage is the lowest since the surveying of teen substance use had begun. This does not take away from the very high number of teens who are still in need of professional treatment.

How Alcohol Affects Teens

Studies conducted on alcohol use by teens always show that it has significant physical and mental effects on young adults Some such effects are:

● Stunted brain development
● Social withdrawal
● Memory hardships
● Lack of or decreased ability to pay attention
● More prone to violent behavior

Heavy alcohol consumption also links to stunted educational progress. In fact, those teens who drink become less likely to finish high school or go to college. Additionally, those who start drinking early tend to develop drinking problems at an earlier age.

What Are Other Drugs Used By Teens?

A 2016 study showed that while alcohol is the predominant substance abused by teens, it is not alone. The use of marijuana is also very high among teens with some 35% of high school seniors using it. This number, much like that of alcohol use by teens, has declined over time but is still concerningly high.

High school seniors have also shown indifference to the consequences of marijuana and alcohol use, which the NIDA believes could lead to an increase in using these substances.

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