Substance Abuse And How It Hinders Satisfactory Academic ProgressSubstance Abuse And How It Hinders Satisfactory Academic Progress

Good academic progress is a key element for students to qualify for scholarships and to receive financial aid. A student is branded as succeeding or failing in a particular area with a multi-faceted evaluation. For example, it is imperative for a student to complete 67% of their courses and have a minimum GPA of 2.00. However, many promising students often find their success derailed by engaging in substance abuse.

Being Too Busy To Seek Addiction Treatment

Many young adults who deal with substance addictions will not seek help with their problems. There is a very real fear of consequences from parents, academic suspensions, and that doing so will render them unable to receive further financial aid, something many college students need to be able to attend college at all. However, not seeking treatment can sadly prove to be fatal.

A fact sheet published by the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism) illustrated the sad reality.

    • Alcohol use disorder: Alcohol use disorder affects an estimated 20% of young adult college students.
    • Assaults: A stunning 700,000 students have reported being assaulted by other students under the influence of alcohol, with almost 100,000 of those being sexual in nature or resulting in date rape.
    • Death: Over 1,800 students’ lives are lost annually due to alcohol-related incidents, mostly involving vehicular crashes.

The Nook Sober Living Alumni Support Research Findings

One of the most significant sources of alcohol influence among college students is the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities are meant to be support structures that are meant to assist in keeping students on track with their academic goals. An alarming number of these characters, however, heavily promote drinking.  In this way, The Nook Sober Living prevents Substance Abuse And How It Hinders Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Many of the Nook Sober Living alumni were also part of the Greek system, so they echo research findings in this matter. Being through addiction treatment, they now know better ways to enjoy college years than to participate in a toxic and broken Greek system. They also actively encourage students with alcohol abuse problems to seek out help before it is too late.

Substance Abuse Hinders Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Nook Sober Living administrators completely understand the stress associated with fearing the inability to meet deadlines, time frames, and not meeting the necessary GPA requirements. That is why they have found a way to keep students on track with their academic progress while in treatment. Students can get credits for five college-level classes while continuing to work on improving their life through alcohol abuse treatment.

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