Program Director

mike jelinek sober living program director

Mike Jelinek

Mike moved out to Los Angeles from Ohio to get sober. He has a background of working in treatment in an operations capacity and is highly motivated when it comes to helping people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. After years of going in and out treatment with varying lengths of sobriety Mike has been able to now maintain multiple years or sobriety. Mike enjoys an active lifestyle and uses his background as a personal trainer to stay physically fit believing that staying physically active is vital to the recovery process.

House Manager

Josh Cornelius sober living house manager

Josh Cornelius

Josh Cornelius grew up in West Deptford, New Jersey.  Being the middle child of Three boys, life was a bit rough and unforgiving for Josh.  He stood out as a young man in high school athletics. He played Three different sports and loved being part of a team. He was a leader in high school football and was offered scholarships at a few different colleges. His life off the field, however, took president over his future and drugs became the number one priority in his life. He went through the ups and downs of addiction until he hit rock bottom and entered treatment in 2019. Josh has continued to enjoy being a member of a team by promoting events and sports activities for the clients in the house. He enjoys creating an environment of competition and success through group sports, and we appreciate that Josh can cultivate that atmosphere to add to our program. We are excited to have Josh as our manager at The Nook Sober Living.

Support Staff

austin harris

Austin Harris

Austin Harris grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He attended University of Missouri for 4 years before realizing he needed help with his alcoholism. Upon reaching out to his parents he entered a Wilderness Rehabilitation Program and then upon completion moved out to Los Angeles to continue his journey of sobriety. After achieving multiple years of sobriety, he is now finishing up his degree in Psychology and Sociology at Whittier College and aspires to work in therapy and drug counseling. Austin is incredibly passionate about using his education and experiences to help others achieve the happiness and success he has found in the recovery process.

Support Staff

nick nelson

Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson grew up the youngest of 3 children in Rome, Georgia. An accomplished athlete in high school, Nick excelled in football, baseball, track, and wrestling. He also completed a technical degree in Electrical Line Work. After a 10 year struggle with opiate addiction, Nick moved to Los Angeles to get sober. While in LA he has successfully managed an auxiliary branch in the hospitality service industry before seeking a more fulfilling position in the recovery sector. The same passion he had for sports and service translates into a management style that is equal parts professional yet approachable, firm yet friendly, but always recovery and goal oriented to help our clients reach their dreams, no matter how lofty they may be.