Program Director


Mike Jelinek

Mike moved out to Los Angeles from Ohio to get sober. He has a background of working in treatment in an operations capacity and is highly motivated when it comes to helping people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. After years of going in and out treatment with varying lengths of sobriety Mike has been able to now maintain multiple years or sobriety. Mike enjoys an active lifestyle and uses his background as a personal trainer to stay physically fit believing that staying physically active is vital to the recovery process.

House Manager

david ford sober living house manager

David Ford

David Ford is from Clovis, Ca where he grew up playing youth sports and was considered a top athlete.  His addiction began in his later years which took a turn quickly after suffering a major injury.  He was able to find help through a sober living where he was able to learn how to hold himself and others accountable.  After getting a year of sobriety David sought to give back what was given to him and started his journey working in recovery.  He Received a certificate for a RADT-1 and has also worked at detox facilities and sober livings. He is now in the process of furthering his career by attending college at West LA College.  After completing classes at West LA College, he intends to transfer to a 4 year University.