Problems Faced by College StudentsProblems Faced by College Students

When considering the troubles that young adults experience that may lead them to substance abuse in a college environment, it is easy to point to academic pressures that are far greater than those experienced by non-college young adults. However, a deeper examination shows that it is important to consider other things that may trouble college students.

Addiction In The College Setting

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse cited CASA Columbia study from Columbia University to point out that the substance abuse crisis is multifaceted. While issues with self-control are certainly a factor, there is a darker sub-culture that promotes and helps to maintain various types of substance addiction. The same substance abuse issues that were prevalent a decade ago, continue to be the ones that continue to exist today. For example, binge drinking (drinking five or more alcoholic beverages in two hours) steadily remains at 40%.

Problems Begin In The Admission Building

Many students are away from home for the first time, and they fall into the freedom obsessed “hedonistic” mindset very often. However, that is not the only explanation for substance abuse. 2,000 students were surveyed and their main reasons cited for substance abuse were:

  • Relaxation: There is a need for relief from long hours of studying and a lack of sufficient sleep.
  • Peer Pressure: Students feel like they will be alienated if they do not participate in partaking in the substance that other students are, so they experiment with it in an attempt to gain acceptance by their peers.
  • Keeping Up With Male Counterparts: The college setting is a high-pressure environment in terms of encouraging sexual activity. Female students, already in a position where they feel the need to keep up the pace with male students, report needing drugs and alcohol to serve as ways to lower their inhibitions.

Many campuses contain several sororities and fraternities. These groups are known for heavy drinking and alcohol abuse at their parties. This sends a message to young adults that excessive drinking is ok, making it more likely that they engage in it. Even some high-ranking college administration personnel cite drinking on college campuses as a right of passage. With that mentality from the onset, these administrations are less inclined to counteract substance abuse on campuses.

Getting Help Specifically Geared At College Students

The problems currently faced by college students will continue to remain. The Nook Sober Living understands this and therefore provides specialized treatments for college students with individualized programs, and promotes the attainment of college credits while in treatment.

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