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Adderall Abuse in College

While many college students adopt the mantra of “what happens in college, stay in college,” their actions can often have more long-term, life-threatening consequences.

In the 1960s, marijuana use became prevalent, while the 70s prevailed in the use of LSD and heroin. Cocaine followed as the drug of choice in the decades after. The contemporary drug abuse running rampant on college campuses however is Adderall.

Adderall Abuse Statistics In College

As a medication Adderall’s efficacy with helping regulate the central nervous system function and treating ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), as well as impulse and thought behavior disorders cannot be argued. However, many college students utilize Adderall as a recreational drug all across the country as it helps keep them stimulated for long nights of partying or studying.

A study in Statistic Brain (from 2016) reported that over 34% of students in college reported using Adderall to some degree in 2015. 6.4% of those students use Adderall regularly. The use of this substance on a “regular basis” is the key to developing an addiction to it.

Why Adderall Abuse In College Is Dangerous

If Adderall is used daily, it does not take a long time to develop an addiction, so students must allow themselves to become more educated about Adderall’s highly addictive nature. The addiction quickly brings about many personal and financial problems for the student. Financially, with every Adderall pill costing $10 to $15, it becomes difficult and disruptive to secure an individual’s normal daily routine while attempting to secure funds to feed the perceived need for Adderall. From a health perspective, constant stress on the central nervous system, as well as the sleeping issues that this leads to, can lead to very serious issues with one’s health.

Adderall Abuse in College

Adderall Abuse in College

The Nook Sober Living understands that as the Adderall addiction continues to become more pervasive, the main wait to combat it and stop the cycle is by putting forward quality treatment programs. This is done by not only focusing on the addiction itself, but also stressing how it could affect one’s educational goals, and focusing on the importance of maintaining it.

The Nook Sober Living College Treatment Program

Aside from just focusing on the treatment end of the student’s recovery from Adderall addiction, students will receive access to academic components that will help them get a successful career when coming out of school. Our facility offers residential, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs for substance abuse treatment. Students can take courses with on-site professors in the subjects of sociology, psychology, creative writing, public speaking, and health & wellness.

The dedicated treatments will be available to every student by professors, therapists, and case managers. Students will also be encouraged to get involved in activities such as music, rock climbing, and surfing. The goal of all of the treatments is to help students remain focused on a future without substance abuse while stopping the Adderall addiction in its tracks.

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